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Audience - Kirsten Tisdale speaking on eCommerce - SSI Schaefer event Kirsten Tisdale, our principal, has worked on both sides of the logistics relationship - Marks & Spencer, TNT and NFC/Exel

Presentations & Articles

Presentations and articles written by, and sometimes about or mentioning, Kirsten Tisdale that you are welcome to download or share: Share On LinkedIn

  • Warehouse Location Report - it's great to see a recent report we were commissioned to write for UKWA, outlining the key drivers for warehouse location, described as "really valuable" on p14 in the July 2022 issue of Warehouse & Logistics News!
  • 2022 - A Fresh Context for Logistics - here's Kirsten's slides for the presentation she was invited to give to Tomorrow's Warehouse on 9 June.
  • Supply Chain Talk - Kirsten stepped in at the last moment during May 2022 to chat with Duncan Brock of CIPS and Lewe Goldman of Cloud Nine about "Designing a supply chain network that meets your business objectives".
  • Why diversity trends in logistics are important for your business - three articles by Kirsten (based on her Cold Chain People presentation immediately below), combined into one ebook by SHD Logistics.
  • Pay & percentages: Why trends for women in logistics are important for your business - slides for the presentation given by Kirsten. And you can access both webinars organised by the Cold Chain Federation in September 2021 here: Cold Chain People - Kirsten is the first speaker for the second webinar which can be found about halfway down the page.
  • Trade offs in city centre logistics - article by Kirsten for SHD Logistics for the July 2021 online edition on the pollution and congestion implications of the Ocado planning decision.
  • Dirty data published in May 2021 - this is the latest in a series of articles Kirsten has been invited to contribute to SHD Logistics on using data in logistics, along with the previous pieces (most recent first): How to analyse logistics data, Balancing cost and service, Logistics modelling, Getting started - on page 27, Monitoring models and operations - also page 27, External sources of info - page 41, Data collection for logistics projects, Looking to the future, Capacity & utilisation and Trade offs. And the introductory piece Big Data, Little Data for the December 2019 issue.
  • Designing for Net Zero - go three quarters down the page for presentation (and here's just the slides separately if wished) given by Kirsten in October 2020 as part of the virtual Cold Chain Live event - road freight, transport planning and logistics network design thoughts around moving towards net zero. Oh, and also here's the pre-presentation piece where Kirsten said a bit about what she was (and wasn't!) going to cover and then a subsequent blog expanding on many more ways in which you can plan to save diesel, cut CO2, and often save money as well.
  • Location Strategies in Logistics - slides for a presentation / lecture given by Kirsten to BEng students at University of Warwick as part of their logistics module mid-2020 and a video of that lecture Location strategies in logistics - c25 mins on YouTube. One of the participating students, Ben Ritchie from Aston Martin, said: "It was really helpful having the exercises which were logical and forced us to think about both the numbers and the wider picture." NB Exercise not inc in video.
  • Logistics Network Development - case study about the relocation tool in Maptitude which we use to identify potential DC locations, allocate customers to their nearest depot, assess relative catchment sizes, calculate mileage for costings... posted by Caliper in July 2019.
  • CILT International Convention - slides for the presentation Kirsten was invited to give to CILT's June 2019 International Convention on the gender pay gap and the gender leadership gap in logistics and transport.
  • The Shopping Behind the Logistics - article by Kirsten for SHD Logistics magazine in March 2017 edition - looking at the continued impact of e-commerce growth on logistics.
  • How to Understand the Retail Supply Chain - a piece written by Kirsten for a post on LinkedIn in February 2017.
  • Assessing the Culture of a Provider - article by Kirsten for Storage Handling and Distribution magazine for the June 2016 edition - about how to have confidence when selecting a logistics provider.
  • Reducing the Risk of Strategic Decisions - leaflet written by Kirsten as a handout for the Women in Logistics conference in June 2015. It was written in advance of the conference and is based on Kirsten's own experience in this area.
  • Data Collection for Logistics Outsourcing - leaflet written by Kirsten as a handout for the CILT Outsourcing & Procurement forum in February 2015. Not the most exciting topic, but it is based on both Kirsten's own experience in this area AND input from the CILT Outsourcing & Procurement Forum Committee. It's been written to be reasonably easy reading as well as useful.