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Aricia Limited - logistics consulting - our clients include retailers, other logistics users, 3PLs and hauliers, as well as non-logistics organisations

Aricia Limited has been an FSDF associate member since 2014

Aricia Limited has been an FTA member since 2002

Aricia Limited has been working with Logistics Partners since 2010

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Increase in vans as a result of internet shopping - here's an: Infographic on the subject.

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Aktrion - here's a link to a presentation on Aktrion's food & logistics business - Aktrion add value where there is currently poor use of assets/resources due to complexity/volatility.

Barfield Financial Advisors Limited - for financial advice from someone who understands the logistics and consulting sectors, having worked in both, ring 07766 512230 or email: Richard Peters

Beeline Sameday: Really helpful couriers!

Chapman Moloney: Really helpful patent and trademark attorneys!

CILT (UK): The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) - Kirsten Tisdale is a Chartered Fellow of CILT, and founder and organiser of London Region's Supply Chain Network.

City Business Library: CBL The City Business Library (CBL) is the leading public library in the UK for free and current business information.

CMR: For Driver CPC Training and Tachograph Analysis, ring Cindy Rose on 01455 284730 or email The Centre has been reapproved for the next 5 year period, with complimentary comments by the auditor.

Connexion Ltd: The programmers of this website.

Croner's Distribution & Transport Rewards: Annual reports packed with a wealth of information on pay in the logistics sector.

Eurostat: European Union statistics.

Food Storage & Distribution Federation: Trade body focused on representing and supporting the interests of the food and drink logistics industry. We're associate members!

Freight Transport Association: Trade association representing transport interests - excellent source of information on legal and other issues. We're members!

Health & Safety Exec: Excellent source of information on load security, manual handling, avoiding slips and falls...

Journey: - we'd like to say a big "Thank You" to Journey, the designers of our logo, graphics and website.

Legionnaires' Disease: Take it seriously! If you're responsible for maintenance of air con or water systems, please take Legionnaires' Disease seriously - this news item and video shows the damage it can do.

Logistics Partners: Aricia started working on projects with Logistics Partners in 2010 - Logistics Partners assists companies to maximise the efficiency of their supply chain focusing primarily on the systems employed.

Maptitude: - we are now using Maptitude from Caliper for logistics projects which require mapping and offering training, but this link will take you straight through to Caliper's site so you can read about the software for yourself.

MemCom: Here is an article written prior to MemCom 2007 on Mapping for Membership Organisations.

Memberwise: A FREE membership organisation and association-specific online resource, offering good business practice advice and exclusive deals/discounts from well-known sector suppliers, including us!.

Metcheck: Interesting weather site. This is our favourite page - what's the chance of particular weather at different times of year - surprisingly accurate.

Moneypenny: We regard them as part of our team ...and they answer our phones better than we would!

Office of National Statistics: Fascinating website and this is one of the most fascinating pages - a must for anyone selling anything to the end consumer. Connects courier companies and haulage companies to freight forwarders, manufacturers and commercial businesses, and vice versa. Have a look at the industry info page - try the fuel efficiency guide - unless you wrote it, you'll learn something!

Storage Equipment Safety Service: Slightly damaged racking ...not a problem? Think again!

Supply Solutions: In-company supply chain, procurement & logistics training, including a degree course accredited by CILT(UK).

Tatra Register UK: What we get up to in some of our spare time!

TinyURL: Are you sick of posting a URL in an email only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Visit this site for the solution!

Traffic Information: Excellent traffic info site. Choose the area of the country you want, and then tick the box for Roadside Message Signs - before you set off, you can view the information that drivers on each stretch of motorway are seeing.

Transport Exchange Group: Operator of two of the UK's largest, busiest and fastest growing independent freight exchanges (the equivalent of a dating service for freight and trucks!), Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange.