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Conveyor Many of our skills - customer analysis, business modelling, balancing trade-offs and the like - are transferable to other industries

Our approach

We've got no hidden agenda and won't offer you gratuitous assistance - we are not satisfied with just 'making a sale', we have to believe that our contribution will be of value to you before we progress a study.

We can help you to formulate the business case for the project you wish us to carry out, and will tell you if we do not believe that there is a case to justify the project. We are results-driven rather than committed to particular techniques.

We believe that you should know what to expect as deliverables before you sign up to a project, and we are prepared to commit to these deliverables provided that you come up with all the data agreed.

Although we believe that our combination of skills is unusual in the industry, we do not make a mystery out of what we do and are always keen to share our skills with your staff. We use your staff for data collection wherever possible, partly in order to keep the costs of the project down, but also to involve them where that is appropriate.

We always discuss with our client the level of detail to which it is appropriate to go - we believe in rigour, but do not believe that rigour can only be achieved by making a mountain out of a molehill. We believe in appropriate solutions, and tailor our approach to our clients' problems.

While we bring a high degree of lateral thinking to problem solving, we also focus on workable solutions. We will never recommend a course of action that we would not be prepared to implement ourselves, or propose change for its own sake.

Our own in-house resources are supported when appropriate by carefully chosen alliances.

Finally, we'd like you to know that all of the text on this website has been written by us about us and is not the result of PR expert imagination!