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Conveyor Our clients include retailers, other logistics users, 3PLs and hauliers, as well as non-logistics organisations

About Our Client Base

You will typically be a logistics user, provider or another consultancy company needing specialised expertise for an assignment or training.

You are likely to come back for more - we are very proud of our repeat business record: over 95% of our business is repeat (or the first assignments that generated those repeats) - that's from start of business in 2001 and including all of 2016.

That figure rises to 98% of our non-training business - the figure is lower for training, but not for bad reasons - see the bottom of this page for more details.

And you probably already know us or have been recommended to use us: 97% of our non-training business has come through networking of one sort or another - but don't worry if you don't know us, we love meeting new people!

Much of our current work is confidential, and so we're unable to talk about it - but here's a link to a case study on the work that Kirsten did for CVL for Tesco Dotcom. And, here's an example of some analysis in the public domain, which we carried out for British Waterways some time back. NB 12MB+ file.

Our training business: Including training our overall repeat business rate is 95%. Training assignments do have a lower repeat rate as many are one-off - the intention, particularly with mapping training, is to establish some users within your organisation who can then become your own knowledge bank: "I'm now regarded as the company's expert" is feedback that we've had on more than one occasion. And a higher proportion of our training assignments come to us through non-networking sources, for example, responses via our website.

Our Clients

Our clients form an extensive porfolio of household names and specialists. You can see a selection of our direct logistics-related clients and non-logistics clients below. We've also completed recent projects in the following sectors:

  • time sensitive distribution
  • airport logistics
  • packaging transport
  • price intelligence
  • construction logistics
  • food logistics
  • accreditation
  • strategic distribution planning
  • various manufacturers
  • charity transport
  • ecommerce/home delivery
  • veterinary health
  • foodservice
  • healthcare
  • FMCG sales
  • biomass logistics

Consulting Clients

Knapp Maxeda Transform BrandView Primark Vita (Europe) CACI - GEOSPATIAL DATA & LOGISTICS OPTIMISATION Wilson james eti Aktrion DHL LPR Bauer Media frattempo Tesco Company Shop Group Smith & Mclaurin - SMC

Training Clients

Tigi professional OVO Energy Motor Fuel Group PPG Riba Enterprises Post Office Lebara Mobile Lafarge UCAS New Pathways Amari Plastics Schneider Electric Verex Group Fortec Distribution Network