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Case Studies

30-Year Forecast


This company needed to understand its facility requirements for a 24/7/365 multi-temperature operation

Kirsten created a high level model for this complex operation which projected requirements for the next 30 years

The model also examined how the existing facility might cope with growth over the next ten years


A road map showing the impact of changed layout and processes on the space requirements, and highlighting that there was much more 'dwell' than had originally been envisaged

Resource Planning


This international airport needed to plan logistics resource for its forthcoming construction and refurbishment programmes

similar previous projects were identified as templates, and key relationships from current resourcing and fact-based assumptions established

using this input, a model was built which converted planned spend into warehouse requirements and transport movements


Forecasts which can be adjusted and refined as the various programmes progress

Logistics Network Planning


This software company required logistics expertise in helping one of its in-house GIS experts develop and use its proprietary logistics network planning tool to carry out a client project

Kirsten contributed to the development process over a period of months

The client project involved reviewing potential combined distribution locations for two separate companies within the same group


The end-client has now purchased the software tool and been trained, and is able to create and examine scenarios independently

In-House Support


Aricia has helped more than one client who has realised they had no logistics expertise within their own organisation

In one case this was for a public-private partnership commissioning a major non-logistics modelling exercise

In another case it was for an organisation assessing audits of logistics operations


In both cases, Aricia has acted repeatedly as a trusted in-house logistics resource

Transport Finance


This equipment provider serving a substantial area of the country was experiencing high growth in costs

Kirsten identified issues at an early stage which included: budgets not flexed with business peaks, inconsistent carriage charges and use of 3rd party haulage, and inappropriate use of existing systems


The client immediately started implementing changes to ensure that finance reporting was not adversely affecting timely cost management

Pinch Point


Prior to going ahead with various initiatives, this customer needed to understand the extent to which constrained external facilities were restricting opportunities for growth

Data was collated - some from scanning systems with automated time logs and some from drivers' handwritten worksheets

an Excel model of the docks and yard was created for this busy and time-sensitive consolidation centre for a rolling 24-hour day at peak


Restricting peak demand to current time windows was shown to be a limiting factor in the capacity of the operation

Freight Analysis


This manufacturer wanted to understand whether it was getting value for money and also explore options as the business expanded

There were a number of workstreams including identification of potential logistics providers, geographic mapping to understand where hubs might be best situated, and benchmarking of current rates

Because of the deadlines in this short project, the workstreams had to be carried out concurrently, and not necessarily in the optimum order


The client emailed to say: Thanks very much for the work (both quality and speed) done on our behalf

I initially engaged Kirsten on a three month contract but during this time the value she could add to the project became very apparent and this was extended to 20 months ...I would have no hesitation in recommending Kirsten to any organisation needing assistance with developing new, or improving existing, systems and business processes

David Burroughs,
Operations Development Manager Tesco Dotcom